Postural Assessment and Functional Movement

“A pain free, active lifestyle is not only possible, it is the way you should expect to feel and live.”
-Pete Egoscue

To free your body of pain, restore range of motion and ultimately increase health and happiness you should get moving.  Our bodies thrive on motion. Through sedentary lifestyle, trauma or incorrect movement patterns the  postural muscles can be compromised and certain muscles start working overtime.  The hip girdle can changes its tilt, the back changes its curve and the whole body begins to compensate – creating misalignments.

Over time, misalignment can cause musculoskeletal breakdowns, injury and pain. Misalignments also affect the performance of other body systems, including the cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems.


As you begin to correct posture, and movement function, muscle interaction you provide the body with the ability to move correctly with both efficiency and efficacy. Several other positive changes on a body-mind/mental-emotional level are also bound to take place.

Realign your Posture and rid yourself of
Sore Neck,Low Back pain
Headaches, Sciatica
Pain in your Shoulders, Knees or Hips

Learn individualized exercises specific for your body

Unwind old patterns – Take control of your health

Become Pain Free!!

Not only for posture and pain but also performance enhancement. Body weight training to strengthen weak spots, injury proof your body and improve in any discipline or sport.

Emily works one on one with clients in person and online.  She teaches functional movement on her acrobatics teacher trainings and she organizes courses for her teacher, more info at