In addition to shorter workshops Emily also teaches Anatomy for Yoga Teacher Trainings worldwide with schools such as “Tribe Yoga”, “All Yoga Thailand”, “Swara Yoga School” and “Firstship International”. ┬áPlease get in contact for more info about having her teach on your training.

Workshops for Yoga Teachers

The Art of Adjusting & Assisting

Whether adjusting alignment in a pose or deepening the pose(assisting), sensitivity, understanding and presence are required. At times a verbal cue is enough to get what you want out of a students posture. Sometimes adjustments need to firm and corrective and at other times, subtle and confirming. Different adjustment are required for different bodies and varying limitations. Develop an eye for improvement and build confidence to make safe, intelligent adjustments.

Suitable for yoga teachers wishing to expand their knowledge and experience or students wishing to deepen their practice. We will focus on techniques that can be applied to several variations and different postures.


Anatomy and Asanaa four part series

Deepen your knowledge of the inner workings of the body as they apply to your yoga practice. We will explore the anatomy functionally and practically as it relates to various postures.

Intro to Anatomy
An introduction or refreshment of the muscular and skeletal system along with their anatomical terms and movements

Principles of Movement
Exploring the physiology of the body and how it relates to your movement practice

Principles of Asana
Looking at how we can apply physiology into standing poses, forward bends, back bends, twists and inversions

Going Deeper
Examining effects of asana on the digestive, nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems. Covering limitations, injury prevention and rehabilitation.